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Will studied under excellent teachers and his teaching abilities recognized but he chose to further his coaching skills with The National Academy of Sports Medicine because they're known for delivering the type of training  covered in this video and because of the satisfaction gained from passing one of the toughest personal training programs in the nation!  

Interestingly, both NASM and Tai Chi begin by identifying and correcting static postural misalignments. Left untreated, misalignments can progress to further reduced mobility and related injuries including those common to falls. Tai Chi progresses from static posture assessment to dynamic posture training. Enhancing dynamic posture usually produces the phrase, 'I didn't know how bad I felt until I learned how good correct feels! 

We keep classes small, between five and ten, to help ensure good habits are being formed. Those who take even a few private lessons state how much time they saved learning and improving techniques and consider it the best return on their investment.  

If you'd like to know more about how Tai Chi can help you achieve your personal goals, tell us more about them in your contact form.   

"Raising The Power" was inspired by students who found class discussions and meditations helpful tools in addressing challenging life issues. This course presents some of the processes and tools Will found helped deliver the wisdom of senses, mind and body together delivering Balance, Strength, Endurance & Power in Spirit, Mind ( Emotions & Thoughts ) and Body.     

It is 'The Philosophical Element' of Tai Chi Therapy presented in three phases: "Discovering the power", "Raising the power", and "Applying the power" presented in audio visual and download formats. 

Though this course is self-directed, private Services are possible. This course is independent of Tai Chi or Qigong; for more information, mention "Raising The Power" in the Contact Form.  

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