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Pursuing Tai Chi can be an endless series of delight-directed studies... 

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Subject leads to health benefits of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is increasingly being prescribed by health care providers for the many preventative and restorative inherent properties. Continue reading >>

Tai Chi Therapy YouTube Channel.

Tai Chi Therapy YouTube Channel  for the supplemental classroom training video. I suggest watching the first 8 minutes once and then using the Menu. 

The playlsit is there to help spark your interests! 


Good students seek more than one teacher.  Here are some good resources I use, perhaps they will be useful to you too.

Book cover for The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi

The main curriculum of my training at The Tree of Life studio in Boston. It provides great insight into Tai Chi & Eastern / Western Medicine  and more .

book cover for The New Rules of Posture

This taught me more about posture than any other . . . it could greatly impact your life too !

book cover for Healing and the Mind

This book is a real 'eye opener' to the way our body keeps score . . . of Stress . . .

book cover for Healing and the Mind

This book provides fascinating insights into how people around the World use the power of the mind to heal !

book cover for Tai Chi for Dummies

 I find "For Dummies" books are easy to read and a good place to explore related interests!

Be Curious - Be Diligent - Be Kind

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