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                                  *** Classes are on hold as we enter sabbatical until September 2024. If you would like to receive updates, please say so in your contact submission. *** 


 We offer two general Tai Chi classes: 


  The first six week class, Tai Chi Therapy, presents just five of The Yang Tai Chi patterns and select Qigong exercises with free supplemental training videos . The primary purpose of this class is reducing the time required for students to experience how Tai Chi impacts our health through correct static and dynamic posture. 


  The second six week class, The 24 Yang Tai Chi form, presents the remaining patterns of the Tai Chi Form most practiced around the world today. Select Qigong exercises are also included along with free training videos. This class covers more material in less time than the first class and it's been our experience those who do well attend all sessions and practice to demonstrate proficiency at the next class coming early or staying late to get questions answered !) 


Though we've found small classes of five to ten students are ideal, personal training is offered.  If you're interested in pursuing Tai Chi, complete a Contact Form and we'll get in touch with you to answer any questions or match you with the right class.

Learning helps

Those who benefit most from Traditional Chinese Medicine are those who've decided the commitment it takes to make these practices theirs is worth the lifetime of health benefits returned. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago...the next best time is today!

Look for a Tai Chi teacher, or Sifu, who demonstrates their expertise in a manner that leaves you feeling respected and good about the time and resources you're investing. No teacher knows it all and should encourage your interests with good resources when they don't know the answer.

Be a student who shows up knowing the only way to make TCM yours is to practice between sessions, demonstrating proficiency and accepting correction. Coming early and/or staying late for clarifications is welcomed.  

Be Curious - Be Diligent - Be Kind

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